BTP Automation

A Continuous Hotel Sourcing and Hotel Program Management solution to improve your hotel program performance.

Improve Hotel Soucring

Use automation and artificial intelligence to source continually throughout the year.  Understand when your rates are no longer competitive and take the right steps to create better programs for your customers.

Monitor Hotel Program Performance

Understand when travelers are booking off program and work to bring them back t the hotel program.  Monitor performance throughout the year and communicate savings to your customers.

Alight by Anancall

Built on Amazon Connect, Alight brings call center solutions to the travel space allowing companies to easily create and manage world class contact centers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reduce the frustration when customers call your agency for help.  Leverage Alights natural language, call routing, and call orchestration technologies to quickly get the customer to the right agent.  Build you brand and increase customer retention

Evolve Your Call Center

Start small and easily add the capabilities you need to build a world class contact center, regardless of your size.  Make sure your best customers are getting the service they desrve