Hotel Program Sourcing and Monitoring the New Way

Creating and managing Hotel Programs the old way doesn’t work anymore. Today you need the right information immediately. You need to see what is working and what is not. You need to make continual changes to your Program. 

Intelligent Hotel Sourcing and Monitoring, the BTP Automation Way.

Reduce Costs

Use automation to keep cost control. Quit wasting time and money.

Hotel Programs

Use data and insights to build the right hotel programs for your travelers. 


All the data at your fingertips.  See what is working and what is not.

Here is the Best Secret

Use BTP Automation to Reduce
Total Hotel Spend by 10-14%

Your ROI: 10X Every Month!

The Solution is
BTP Automation.

The Next Step in Hotel Program Sourcing and Monitoring

BTP is an adaptive Travel Program Management System that automatically and dynamically manages terms and conditions throughout the hotel program lifecycle

BTP Automation – See It in Action

There is no better way to improve your Hotel Program Sourcing and Monitoring than using BTP Automation. Click below to see it in action and decide for yourself that this is the New Way to manage your Hotel Program

Go Into More Detail

Five Important Concepts

When managing your hotel program, here are five important concepts to keep an eye on.

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See how BTP Automation is the first real-time intelligent hotel sourcing solution.