Hotel Program Management for Travel Agencies

BTP Automation

Manage your Hotel Programs the New Way

BTP Automation is the next generation hotel sourcing solution that uses automation and AI to help Travel Agencies continually create value for their corporate customers

Create Strong Customer Relationships

Build trust with your customers by delivering on the promise of your hotel program.

  • Keep promised results
  • Give Customer full visibility into performance
  • Communicate performance throughout year

Create Strong Supplier Relationships

Become the Agency that is easy, open, and worth working with.

  • Simplify the RFP process. Don’t waste your time or the Suppliers
  • Easily provider the accurate data the Supplier needs to give you the best offer
  • Communicate throughout the year the value your Agency is bringing to the Supplier.

New Messaging Possibilities

Create new customer centric and supplier centric messaging that your competitor cannot match. Position as the TMC that:

  • Continually monitors and improves hotel performance
  • Has the right, accurate data immediately available
  • Has the smoothest running and most valuable hotel program

Lower Your Costs

Lower your costs to manage the Hotel Program while increasing the savings for the Customer and attracting more room nights for the suppliers.

  • Automate Data Collection
  • Better planning and monitoring of the hotel program
  • Identify cost savings and value creating opportunities via technology

Get the Solution with the ability to reduce the costs to create and manage your hotel program.

Leverage Automation

See how BTP Automation helps you monitor the performance of your hotel program and ensure the rates are properly loaded.

Automate the RFP Process to keep your costs and the supplier’s costs down.

Improve Visibility

BTP Automation gathers the travel data in real time.  See how the deep reporting and notification engine helps you continually create value for your customers

Use BTP Automation to identify new opportunities to improve the hotel program and show the customer what you can do for them.

Become Colloborative

See how BTP Automation helps you have more collaborative and engaging conversations with your customers and suppliers.

Move from a transactional business with a once a year touchpoint to an Agency committed to creating value for Customers and Suppliers.

BTP Automation – See It in Action

There is no better way to improve your Hotel Program Management than using BTP Automation. Click below to see it in action and decide for yourself that this is the New Way for Hotel Sourcing