Save 10 – 14%

BTP Automation reduces your total hotel costs.


BTP’s AI suggests real time corrective actions.

Leverage Automation to reduce costs.


Collect Pre and Post Trip data from any source.

Monitor BTP Index to measure performance

BTP Automation:  

The Hotel RFP Solution and Hotel Program Management solution that really works for you.

Improve Hotel Program Performance

BTP Automation continually compares your negotiated rates with BAR to ensure that you have created the best program that drives room nights to your suppliers and gives your travelers the best experience

Make Better Hotel Decisions

With Improved Visibility you can find the opportunities to create new value and improve your performance.  

The Power of Continuous Sourcing

Finally, you can have the right solution to make continuous sourcing a reality.  The days of set and forget it are over.  Now you can continually make your hotel programs better and create new value for both your travelers and your suppliers

Reduce Labour Costs

Leverage the automated  capabilities to improve the back and forth with suppliers keeping your costs down and your suppliers