Strong Supplier Relationships

Corporate Travel Managers can create strong relationships with their suppliers by leveraging the capabilities of BTP Automation.

Improve Travel Satisfaction

Through the strong hotel programs created with BTP Automation, Travel Managers can cost effectively create and update their hotel programs to meet their changing needs

Improve Trust with Senior Teams

With BTP Automation, Travel Managers can improve travel satisfaction and reduce costs to meet the corporate objectives from senior teams.  Travel Managers can show senior teams the value they create throughout the year.

Hotel Program Management for Corporate Travel

The Right Tools for Corporate Travel Managers

Corporate Travel teams are looking for a way to cost effectively create and manage a Hotel Program

Better Service Their Travelers

Ensure the right properties are available for their travelers, near to where they need to be, and with the right amenities.

Control Their Hotel Spend

Negotiate the best prices. Monitor Spending.  Continually look for ways to reduce costs and improve traveler value.

The Old Solutions Don’t Work Anymore

It used to be okay to look at your hotel program once a year and use old, lagging data to make decisions.  Corporations would set it and hope for the best.

Costly RFP Process

The Hotel RFP process is slow, takes too long and has a costly errors.  The process is manual.

Can’t See

Your don’t know what is working and what is not until it is too late.

Bad Data

The data comes from multiple sources and is lagging.  There are many errors and duplications that need to be processed

Not Responsive

A program created at the start of the year creates less value as it ages.

BTP Automation: This Way Works

BTP Automation is the next generation Hotel Program Management solution to reduce your costs, improve visibility and use automation to continually monitor and improve your hotel program

Automate Data Gathering

Travel data is automatically pulled from GDS and online sources.

Full Visibility

Up to the minute dashboards and reports give travel managers and seniors teams the visibility they need.

Automate RFPs

The automated RFP process reduces the cost to create and manage the hotel program. 

Continually Improve

You can see what is working and easily make adjustments as your corporate and travel needs change throughout the year

BTP Automation – See It in Action

There is no better way to improve your Hotel Program than using BTP Automation. Click below to see it in action and decide for yourself that this is the New Way for Hotel Program Management